Profile: Global MaD Technologies specializes at building a comprehensive supply chain models that provide "One Stop Shop" solutions to its customers, mainly when dealing with multiple sources/sub suppliers.
In addition, Global MaD Technologies has a vast capabilities & experience with packaging solutions, with specific expertise at the cosmetics, medicine, electronics, high-tech and fashion's raw materials industries. (i.e.: special & exclusive cardboards, plastic packages, wood, exclusive molds, polymer's shields, etc.)
In recent years the global supply chain processes were developed and become a common business practice, while at the same time it creates more challenges & complexity into the supply chain processes (such as: on time delivery, local regulations, communication, culture, networking, proximity to end customers etc). As a result, we, at Global MaD Technologies established an infrastructure that offer a quality service that can benefit all parties involve at the supply chain:
  • Timely delivery (next day to immediate)

  • Handel returns and repackaging

  • Operational flexibility- ability to provide "tailor made" solutions to customers, modifications, adjustments to support issues within short notice, provides solutions that fit the changes in business.

  • Existing infrastructure and equipments.

  • Control and tracking systems, including periodically reports (per customer definition)

  • Analyzing and planning expertise to provide optimal inventory solutions. (both operational & qualitative measurers)

Customers: Global MaD Technologies provide services to wide variety of companies from different industries & disciplines. Our key customers are from: the cosmetics industry (packaging solutions and inventory management services, mainly export to Europe, USA & Canada). From the fashion industry (mainly raw materials from China, provides export and inventory management services). From the electronics/high tech industry (provides VMI services for package media. Also provide supply chain and storage services to multiple suppliers that have end customers located in Israel)